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  • How can I plan for my international move?

From dealing with culture shock to the wide information gap, acclimation is one of the most stressful life events. Plan with Maze, the end-to-end service that helps you navigate the complex settlement systems to make your new place a home.

  • What type of relocation assistance will be provided?

Every relocation experience is unique. At Maze, we cover the variables by attending to your banking, housing, acclimation, transportation, legal, tax, cross-cultural and social wellbeing needs. You can request for our detailed offering HERE.

  • How are these services provided?

We work with a network of partners based on their quality of service and experience. From accommodation to local telephone service, cable TV, discounts, airport pickup, and other settling in services.

  • Is it possible to manage the status of my move?

A Relocation Assistant will be assigned to you. Your assistant will be with you every step of your process and advise on options available. Your move will be tracked and updates will always be available to you.

  • My relocation question has not been answered, who can I contact?

You can send us a message HERE. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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